Friday, October 1, 2010

Sorry I have not written on here for quite a while. Things have been surprisingly busy here. We went to El Tur for 3 days last week, which was great. We had a small amount of time to ourselves to windsurf, and then we had a busy day doing photoshoots with Oceansource.

The photo shoots were because the new hotel at the wave beach there is very close to being finished, and ready to open. There are no centres in the new hotel yet, but its still looking good for non windsurfer’s as well as a bit more luxury for windsurfers in a brilliant spot. The wavebeach is offering its well known and loved conditions as usual, nothing has changed on the beach its still the unspoilt, quiet cross-on wave spot.

Phil and I got some sailing in on our new Severne S1’s both in the bay and at the wavebeach, followed by me getting out in the waves to do a watershoot for Brad, a South African kiter who will be working in the near future with Oceansource for clinics and stuff. Being my first in water shoot in waves, it was interesting, rather amusing, and also quite rewarding to get a few great shots from it. It wasn’t the windiest of days we have had there but for kiting it was ideal, and for me it was ideal, any bigger waves and I think I would have probably swallowed half the Red Sea.

Since this trip we have been back in Dahab, working hard and also testing out our new sails from Severne. They are great, they look fantastic, can be seen for miles and as we are the only ones in the bay using them you can’t miss us! They feel good, they have changed slightly from last year but nothing major, and are still lightweight powerful sails which work really well for being thrown around for freestyle.

This week we are awaiting our stickers to be ready, we have ordered them locally and they should be ready today I hope. We have some coaching lined up next week, and then its over to El Tur again on the 12th for our next clinic, which is due to be a great week.

All exciting stuff!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Windy in Egypt

Its been really windy here in Dahab, Phil and I have been busy teaching and photographing and things are going good! I am off the water for a few days but hopefully not long, this weeks forecast looks fantastic. We have been too busy to get many photo shoots for ourselves in, but maybe tomorrow if i cant windsurf i will get in the water and do a shoot for the others :) Until then here's one of Phil enjoying his new board.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nice new board!!!

So got some Go Pro pics, not the best but still show my good looking new board! I'm getting more used to it now, got some nice spock 540's yesterday, so much faster than my old board! Sweet!

Will be getting more photos asap of Phil and myself using the new kit, and will get them up for all to see, until then time for me to go windsurfing :) and enjoy our few days break in El Tur.

Our next clinic date has been announced for Oct 11th-16th here in El Tur. Be in touch if you or anyone you know is interested!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My holiday was awesome..rainy and cold....awesome!
We are now back in Dahab Egypt, with shiny a new 90l Fanatic Skate each. They look awesome with all the colours and having spent a few hours on mine, so far so good. They are much faster than my last board, not only blasting but also spinning and rotating during moves, something I am getting used to, but trying all the stuff I've been trying I had a great time, I can see i'm going to have a lot of fun with it and hopefully master lots of new moves. E Sliders are getting stupidly close now :) I started trying shuv-its again me it's like a big wiggle but I will keep at it because its such a cool move.
We were working today so we didn't get any opportunity to get photos but tomorrow until saturday we'll be in El Tur for a mini holiday with mates so should be able to get some good shots over there. Watch this space!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am currently back in the UK having a short holiday with family. Its lovely to be back, being with family, eating good food and enjoying a lot less heat (25degrees or so less!!). I am not feeling so well today which is sod's law, just when I want to OD on good food and things I have been missing having been in Egypt, I'm stuck on plain food..hopefully not for long as we are lucky enough to be going to a hotel this weekend with the whole of my mums family for my grandmas 80th! Its set to be a great weekend, Phil will be back by then too, even better!

Things in Dahab have been good, very very busy. We have had loads of work which is good, as well as a lot of friends out in Egypt too! Its been great to see mates, sail with them and enjoy some good nights out and chilled out afternoons. When we return we will have a few days holiday in El Tur with them too, which will be lovely, and hopefully we should have our hands on new boards by then too! Very exciting times.

Until then, I here are a few pictures we have been taking in the last week or two in Dahab. Hope you enjoy! I have also found I have 2 or 3 pictures printed in this months boards magazine too! I think thats the 3rd issue now to have my photos up, very happy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GetWindsurfing and Bray Lake

Getwindsurfing is something Phil and I have been working on since we decided to finish working in El Tur. We wanted to push ourselves freelancing windsurfing coaching and also doing photos, lining up some clinics at the same time and trying to make a go of it in the coaching world, working for ourselves. We chose the name Getwindsurfing and have brought the domain name which will soon have our website up in action! We have moved to Dahab because of this, as there are so many hundreds more windsurfers here every week than anywhere else in Egypt. Our goals look further than just Egypt, aiming to make something which we can in the future take anywhere, to make the best of all the amazing locations for windsurfers around the world, sharing our knowledge and love of the sport with as many people as we can on the way.

Phil and I have been working in the past and have very close friends and connections with Bray Lake, a windsurfing and sailing centre and club in Maidenhead, UK. Since we have started doing our own thing setting up Getwindsurfing, they have very kindly offered us even more support than they had already been giving us, in a form of sponsorship, helping us to be able to pursue our ideas easier than it would otherwise be.
For us this is fantastic and we are already enjoying the benefits as well as knowing we are working together again with them, in different ways. Obviously we meet many windsurfers from all over, and many are keen to learn of a new place to sail, a club to join to meet other windsurfers, or even just a shop where they can visit to get good advice and equipment. Bray Lake has all this to offer and more, and we are really keen to encourage people to keep it in mind for their windsurfing needs. Their website can be found in my links section, where you find their blog, very funny to read at the moment as the boys from Bray are writing about their trip to Morrocco, and also the forum. They also brought their club trip out to Egypt to visit us when we were just finishing work in El Tur and this was a fun week with many people learning loads from their time on the water, and so we have had some great times with the crew from there too.

So basically we just want to thank the lake for the support and encourage everyone we know to think of them for all things watersports.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Been a bit lazy on my blog, sorry!! We have been organising and participating in EL Tornament 2010! Check out the blog and also the facebook page

Will be back online with more blogging soon!! Almost landing a couple of new moves... so definitly have to have a photo shoot soon and some new video clips.

Until then enjoy the tornament action and also check out my video, not great upload quality due to being in egypt but when i get to the UK i will update it with a full quality version.

Thanks guys!